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web stream recorder
web stream recorder
web stream recorder  
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web stream recorder


  What's new?
* Improved setup package to backup important files from previous installation:
  (see online help for details)
* Added posibility to get more playlist files from program's web-site
* Improved mute control - takes effect to mute the player, not system sound
* Improved analyzing of playlist sources

  What's in the previous versions?
* Added support for wma and asf stream music in web stream recorder
* Encoding recorded stream to mp3 format "on flying"
* Adding ID3 tags to recorded file automatically (if available in meta mode)
* Added a new parameter for starting from command line
* Added new for web stream recorder configuration options

* Updated web stream recorder audio library
* Added support for RTSP protocol
* Playing stream music in asf, cda and other formats
* Added new option in web stream recorder for continious recording
* Cosmetic changes in GUI for deuteranopic users

* Improved logic for working with command parameters
* Added new options in Options Dialog
* Added hints for all functional buttons
* Changed record functionality in web stream recorder for unregistered users
* Added some functions to source analyzer

* Playing Windows Media Audio stream (wma) music
   (you must have either Windows Media Player or
   Windows Media Format module   (3.9 Mb) installed on your PC)
*Improved sound control - takes effect to system sound, not a sound card
* Starting web stream recorder from command line with parameters
* Customizable options for connection time-out and playing buffer

* Added support for mp3 stream music in web stream recorder
* Unique feature in meta mode -
   whole (wow!) song will be saved even if you start recording
   in the middle of the song
* Customizable scanning interval
* Keybord commands for all main functions
* Improved analyzing of playlist sources

* Playing audio files from local or network hard disks
* Support following audio formats: mp3, mp2, mp1, wav
* DB source list can accept playlist (pls/m3u) file
* Consecutive playing file by file for playlist source
* Capability to select different db source files

  Base Functionality
* Playing stream mp3 music from Internet radio stations
* 5 fixed preset channels
* Full volume control
* Timer-based radio station sequential scanning
* Selection radio station from db list
* Minimum system resource requirements

Our internet radio player and web stream recorder is just like a radio in your car: a full functional device with super-easy user interface (even a kid knows how to use it). No useless buttons and options, easy-to-use/keep/edit/add radio station database, minimum of system resources.
Size of installation package is only 485 kb.

Download web stream recorder

 System Requirements
iRadioNet runs on Windows 9x/NT/ME/2000/XP/2003.
All necessarry libraries for our internet radio player and web stream recorder are included into setup package.

  Technical Specs
Using the BASS Audio Library

Using the Key Object Library

Using the LAME LGPL MP3 Encoder

web stream recorder
web stream recorder