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projects We are a new company, but our staff have worked in many projects - You can read about some of them on this pages.
Integrated CAM & Process Control Systems
Additional Information and Measuring System (DIIS-2000) Description: International project of Chernobyl NPP Y2K Remediation.
Carried out:
· Chernobyl NPP LAN reconstruction
· DIIS-2000 software development and implementation
· Reactor channels integrity monitoring system (in DIIS-2000)

Fiber optic data highway implementation, Trunking, realtime client/server application. Server side - SUN, Windows NT Server; client side - Windows NT Workstation, Windows 98.
Developing tools: DELPHI 5.0, MS VB 6.0, MS Office 2000, MS SQL Server 7.0, miniSQL, IVL RTDB.
Monitoring & Diagnostic System (KDS-RZM) Description: Chernobyl Unit-3 Fuel Loading Machine Monitoring and Diagnostic System.
Carried out:
· KDS-RZM software development and implementation
· Database design and system analysis
· Peculiarities: Realtime system.
Developing tools: DELPHI 3.0
RBMK channels integrity analising system Description: Chernobyl Unit-3 channels integrity monitoring software.
Carried out:
· Database design and system analysis
· Software development and implementation
Developing tools: DELPHI 5.0, MS SQL 7.0
Business automation
OPTIMA Description: System for middle and small trade business (shops, store)
Client/server system. Server side -Windows NT Server, MS SQL 7.0,; client side - Windows 9x.
Developing tools: MS Access 97, Visual Basic 5.0, MS SQL Server 7.0.
Call & Order Description: Phone orders proceed module for small business. Developing tools: Delphi 5.0, ADO
Web projects Description: Web site of Si-teX company. Developing tools: HTML, JavaScript; Corel Draw, PhotoPaint Description: Unofficial Russian web-site of Tianshi MLM-company. Developing tools: HTML, DHTML, JavaScript