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mWebPlayer mWebPlayer is a Web Stream Player for mobile.
iZoomMouse iZoomMouse is a magic mouse-magnifier for viewing the screen area in different zooms.
iRadioNet iRadioNet is a free Internet/Audio Player.
iReferent iReferent Light is an easy-to-use Contact Manager for small business and home users.
Finder Finder is a powerful search tool for really fast and easy searching of any files on your computer or local network.
MP3-finder MP3-finder - Fast and easy MP3 files search utility. With ID3v1,2 TAGs editor!
Wallpaper Calendar Wallpaper Calendar - Calendar on your favorite Windows wallpaper!
P3Log manager P3Log manager - tool which helps you manage activity log records in your P3® projects.
ASAD ASAD is an integrated information system.
BDTP Small realtime system for Windows NT.
Download Please visit our download page to get latest versions of our software.
mWebPlayer - get stream music from internet on your mobile.
iZoomMouse - magic mouse-magnifier for your eyes.
iRadioNet - free stream music from internet.
P3Log manager - tool for P3® users.
WP-Calendar is our new tool for Windows Desktop.
Finder v.3.0 alpha is avaliable.
Finder v.2.8 with search in ZIP and PDF.
MP3-finder v1.5 alpha is avaliable for downloading.
iReferent Light v3.00 is avaliable for downloading. Improved user interface, added support of plug-in modules and more.
MP3-finder v1.4 is avaliable for downloading.
iReferent Light v2.02 is avaliable for downloading. Added dialing phone numbers directly from the program, auto launching of browser or email to a contact's site.
iReferent Light v2.00 is avaliable for downloading. Now with Report/Export Data Wizard.
MP3-Finder - is our fast and easy MP3 files search utility.
iReferent is our new product in CRM class systems!