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Finder is really fast and easy files search utility.

What is Finder?

Advanced File Finder (former si-finder) is a powerful tool for really fast and easy searching of any files on your computer or local network. It is radical alternative for standard MS Windows file search utility. Click here to compare it!

Advanced File Finder features:
  • Find files, which MS Windows can't!
  • String search in any files, including:
        Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office, CHM, various text files.
  • Optional code page selection
        OEM-DOS, ANSI-Windows, Unicode-Windows 2000/XP, UTF-8.
  • Picture files preview option.
  • Text or CSV report on finded files.
  • Search in ZIP archives.
  • And more other...
  • Results for Win 98

    Click here to see screen shot of Finder.
    System Requirements

  • Windows 95/98/ME/ NT4/2000/XP/2003
  • Finder runs even on i486!

  • Supported languages (v.3.1.)

  • English - Default

  • Catalan - Thanks to Jesus Moreno & Andrey Aleksanyants
  • French - Thanks to Jerome Gelin
  • German - Thanks to Florian P. Wegener & Andrey Aleksanyants
  • Greek - Thanks to Mr. John Poulopoulos
  • Italian - Thanks to Anna Laptchinskaia
  • Polski - Thanks to Piotr Kanty - Warszawa
  • Portuguese - Thanks to Andrey Aleksanyants
  • Portuguese Brasilian - Thanks to Andrey Aleksanyants
  • Russian - Thanks to Slava Romanchenko
  • Spanish - Thanks to Carlos Ballesteros & Andrey Aleksanyants
  • Swedish - Thanks to Dan Svarreby
  • Ukrainian - Thanks to Larisa Yovenko

    We welcome your translations to new languages! Read FAQ for more detail.
    Try Finder on your computer! Download Finder from our download page or use direct link.

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  • Why Finder?

    Just think about how mach it costs, when you can't find file or document you need. Or when you are waiting for the end of search process - at that time any second is like forever.
    Finder is fastest and accurate utility on the web. Finder is good invest in your business!
    Buy Finder only for 20$!
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    Try Finder on your computer! Download Finder from download page or use direct link.
    Power tips
    Get the most out of Si-tex Finder! Discover how to find pictures on you computer, work with Finder directly from Windows Explorer, make search in Zip files, create reports... More...>