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List of our software avaliable for download:

  • mWebPlayer v 1.09 - a tiny Web Stream Player for mobile devices.
    Demo version. Size: 80 Kb. Download.

  • iZoomMouse v 1.02 - a tiny program for viewing the screen area in different zooms with full control of "alien" windows.
    Trialware. Size: 355 Kb. Download.

  • iRadioNet v 2.01 - Internet/Audio Player for playing and recording stream online music and local audio files.
    Freeware. Size: 485 Kb. Download.

    • Software to support playing WMA stream music (if you don't have installed Windows Media Player):
      • Windows Media Format module. Freeware. Size: 3,9 Mb. Download.

  • iReferent Light v 3.02 - Easy-to-use Contact Manager for small business and home users which will help you to organize your personal call center to work in "hot" mode (while speaking) and keep track of your contacts with this customizable data warehouse.
    Trialware. Size: 1,534 Mb. Download.
  • Get more features with available iReferent plug-ins. Click here.

  • Advanced File Finder (former si-finder) - Powerful tool for really fast and easy searching any files on your computer or local network. It is radical alternative for standard Windows file search utility!
  • Version 3.1 Trialware. Size: 857Kb. Download.

    Old version 2.8. Size: 357Kb. Download.

  • Quick Folders - Desktop tool that helps to access your recent and favorite Windows folders.
  • Version 1.0 Freeware. Size: 827Kb. Download.

  • MP3-finder - Fast and easy MP3 files search utility.
    Now with TAGs editor!
  • Version 1.4 Freeware!!! Size: 472Kb. Download.

  • Version 1.5 Betta Size: 479Kb. Download.

  • Wallpaper Calendar - Draw calendar on your current Windows wallpaper.
  • Version 1.0.a Trialware. Size: 327Kb. Download.

  • P3Log Manager - tool which helps you manage activity log records in your P3® projects.
  • Version 1.0 Trialware. Size: 1.5Mb. Download.
    Software to support iReferent Light with Windows 95:
    • Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC), version 2.1. Freeware. Size: 6,2 Mb. Download.
    • Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM), version 1.2 . Freeware. Size: 1,17 Mb. Download.
    • Microsoft Component Checker is designed to assist you in determining installed version information and diagnosing installation issues with Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC). Freeware. Size: 483 Kb. Download.

You can get more information about our products here.

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