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Power Tips

On this page you can know some useful techniques of finding your files with our Finder tool.

Using Folders Tree.
Generally people organize their files in some folder structure. Some times it is mach complex then standard My Document folder. From other hand, modern versions of MS Windows operating system have a lot of system files. That is why it is not necessary to scan all your files while searching. With Folders Tree panel you can specify exactly what folders or disk you want to include into scanning. Your selection will be stored and you do not need to set it again and again.
Folder Tree

Specifying type of searched files.
With Finder you can search for group of different file types. For example, you are looking for file prepared with MS Word, but you dont remember its format (DOC or RTF). Using Finder you can not only easy select your group of types, but create your own group or edit default.
Select type of file Edit groups

Using File Name Filter Panel.

You are looking for file, but cant remember its name so, it is very common situation. You believe that it could contain word comment or comparison or may be combination. With standard Windows search tool there is only one answer search for files where part of the name is com, and then look throw the huge list spending time. With Finder simply use file name filter panel! Type your word and results will be automatically filtered, even if there are thousands files.

Filter Panel
Using Search In button.

Sometimes search results could be really big and contains hundreds files. Generally you need to specify more strong condition and repeat search. Using search in results option you can limit to be scanned files with already founded list.

Using String search.

Finder uses very speed optimized processing algorithm to search for substring in the file. Put your mouse pointer over any file and you will see the Hint with some text around your string. You can also use exclusive condition to search for files not containing specified word or phrase.

Filter Panel

Using Preview Panel.

Additional useful option available in new release is Preview Panel. Now you can easy preview picture file with Finder before opening it with your picture processing software. Finder supports most known pictures format. If you makes search by string, here you will see text with your string occurrence. It will helps you to avoid erroneous selection.

Using Finder with Windows Explorer.

Using Finder with Windows Explorer is also very power option. Right click with your mouse on any folder in Windows Explorer and select Find With Finder from popup menu. Finder will start and you can find your files in this folder without changing your usual settings in Folder Tree panel. This option installed by default, but you can manually switch it on/off with Configuration dialog.

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