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How to?

If you wish to become a Finder registered user, all you need to do is only to send your registration fee to the Si-teX team, via one of the registration servers. You can place your order online on the Internet using a credit card, over the phone with phone numbers in Europe and the United States, or by fax, postal mail or e-mail.


Finder is not free software. So you are licensed to use this software for evaluation purposes without charge for a period of 16 days. As registered user, you gain the right to use Finder after trial period, access support and assistance, via e-mail and our company web-site.
Remember! Finder is licensed per USER not computer! So YOU can use it at any your computer (notebook, home etc.)


A single person USAGE license - $20
Multiple or site usage license - please contact our company sales service.

On-line Registration Servers

RegSoft Registration Server:

  1. Secure Order Form with the RegSoft SECURE SERVER.
  2. If you are having difficulty accessing the RegSoft secure server, please visit: Common Order Form.
  3. If you order this software by phone, please provide the ProductID 48322 to the operator.

ShareIt Registration Server:
  1. Direct URLs to Secure Order pages (English).
  2. Direct URLs to program pages (English).
  3. If you order this software by phone, please provide the ProductID 159955 to the operator.


If you have any difficulties during registration our products on these on-line servers, please contact with their administration. Unfortunately we cannot do anything for you in this case.

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