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Private Call Center for office and home users

  What is iReferent?
iReferent Light is an easy-to-use Contact Manager for small business and home users. It can help you to organize your personal data warehouse to keep track of your contacts with unlimited number of entries in this advanced address book. Working in easy and modern user interface with this First Class information tools you can manage more effectively your private and business communication activity. It was developed for home and office users who have two important tools on their desk at office or at home: a phone and a computer.

 Your Personal Information Manager
iReferent Main Window Screenshot 12,3 Kb) iReferent Light is an advanced Personal Information Manager (PIM) with customizable fields.
A radical difference of our application from others is its unique database structure. Usually the similar programs have only strictly fixed (structured) numbers of fields, e.g.: a phone numbers, an address, an e-mail and etc. As a rule it is either not enough for users (if a program is too small and simple) or they are not used completely (if an application is too big and complicated). iReferent is fully saved from this disadvantage. You can input into the database an unlimited number (!) of the description fields, from name of your pet to your boss car mark. But for all that you might fill only those specific fields in every record, which are really necessary.
 Also the application allows you: to keep the detail phone call history; to dial telephone numbers directly from the program using your modem; to autolaunch of browser or email to a contact's site; and much more.

  What is Report/Export Data Wizard?

Report Data Screenshot 8,22 Kb) Report/Export Data Wizard is one of additional plug-ins (included in distributive package) that helps you to print data from your database or/and to save them as a text csv-format file (a text file where data fields are separated with semicolons). Exported data is transformed to table fixed structure that is more usually for users. Then you can import data from this csv-file into any database or office software application, i.e. MS SQL Server or MS Excel and etc.
Also you can save your current report as a special quick report file. This file can be sent any person by email, copied to a floppy disk or printed later with Blank Report plug-in (find more HERE).

 System Requirements
iReferent Light runs on Windows 98/NT(SP4+)/ME/2000/XP.
To use iReferent Light with Windows 95 you must install MSDAC 2.1 or later.
iReferent requires a Pentium, 16 Megs RAM, 2 Megs hard disk space.

P.S. You can download YOUR CALL CENTER (file size is 1,534 Mb, 30 days free trial) and estimate it yourself.

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