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Read these situations below.
Haven't you ever get into such a scrape?

  Situation No. 1 (business scenarios):
Phone is calling, you pick up the receiver.
- Hallo.
- Good morning,
its Smith from

You are turning over in your mind (select from the list below):

  1. with terrible Sclerosis?! In my age?!
  2. being in great perplexity Smith? Its familiar name, but who is?
  3. with annoyance Jack? But why I call him Jon?!
and are trying to talk on business matters with right way. The call conversation is finished and you (select from the list above) look through different business cards, being in a hurry. At last the necessary card is found and you breathe with relief or regret for your mistake.

  Situation No. 2 (everyday scenarios):
Phone is calling, you pick up the receiver.
- Hallo.
- Hi. It's Jane.
Remember, I called your several days ago about
So, my husband told me that

You are trying to recall in frantic haste (select from the list below):

  1. when did your friend call you?
  2. what did she speak about?
  3. what is her husband name nevertheless?

  But wait, there's more.
Do you remember the birthday date of your cousin Ann? And what about a favourite color of your English teacher?
Are you going to send e-mail to your girl-friend from summer camp, but you have forgotten her address?
The devil take it! I've mislaid my pocket-book. Where can find Fred's phone number?
And more, and so on...

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